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Crocodile Fern

Plant family: Polypodiaceae

Botanical name: Microsorum musifolium

Crocodile Fern Calgary
Crocodile Fern

Common names: Crocodile fern, Crocodyllus fern, Alligator fern

Notable varieties: Crocodile Fern

The crocodile fern is an epiphytic terrestrial fern native to Southeast Asia and Australia.

Growing high up in trees where it is shaded by the canopies of its host, the foliage has a distinct design resembling crocodile scales. The leaves are long, wavy and lime green colored growing up to almost 2 feet.

Care: EASY! Even though these plants are native to tropical and subtropical climates, they can still thrive indoors with varying degrees of light and humidity. As the Crocodile Fern ages, the oldest, outer fronds will turn brown - don't worry, this is completely natural and can be clipped off.

The upright fronds tend to be dust-catchers so keep them dust-free by gently wiping them with a damp cloth.

Light: These plants do best in medium to bright, indirect light. They can tolerate lower light but will have slower growth. Keep these plants out of direct sunlight to avoid leaf burn. We suggest an East or North facing window for optimal growth.

Water: Crocodile ferns love to drink water and prefer a loose, rich, moist, and well-draining soil. Add peat moss and perlite to loosen up the soil if necessary, which will help aid the soil in draining easily. To reduce chances of root rot, avoid letting this type of fern sit in standing water. We recommend the sink method of watering. As this type of fern does come from the tropics, it will benefit from some extra humidity. Keep it away from drafts, air conditioners or heating vents.

Pets: Not toxic to dogs and cats.

WHY WE LOVE IT ! We love the unique texture of the leaves and low care factor. There's no question why this plant is prized for its foliage and can be a rare find.

Fun Fact: Although the plant's leaves seemingly appear to arise directly from the soil, the fronds actually grow from rhizomes.

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