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Hoya Pubicalyx

Plant family: Apocynaceae

Botanical name: Hoya Pubicalyx

Common names: Wax Vine, Wax Plant, Wax Flower, Porcelain Flower, Hoya Splash, or just Hoya.

Notable varieties: Black Dragon, Pink Silver, Red Buttons, and Royal Hawaiian Purple. These varieties will all have similar looking leaves, but the flowers they produce is how they get their name. If you see the name Hoya Pubicalyx Splash, that is in reference to the specks on the leaves, and the colours of the bloomed flowers will vary.

Hoya Pubicalyx Splash

Being native to the Philippines, Hoya Pubicalyx prefer warm temperatures and some humidity. We recommend keeping your plant away from windows in the winter, and at a distance from drafts in your home. Luckily, the humidity in your home should be just fine. If your leaves are wrinkling, or more than a single leaf fall off at a time, you may need to add a source of humidity. A humidifier, or pebble tray under the plant should do the trick.

In optimal conditions, and if the plant is mature, you may get some beautiful clusters of blooms. Different varieties of Hoya blooms have different smells. The Hoya Pubicalyx blooms smell like chocolate! To aid your plant in blooming, place it in a bright indirect window, and fertilize during the spring and summer months. This plant prefers to be somewhat root bound as well, do not rush to repot.

Care: We rate Hoya care as medium difficulty. They require you not to over water, as they are prone to root rot. They also need well draining soil and container or pot.

Light: Hoya Pubicalyx prefer bright indirect light. If your plant is looking laggy or hasn't pushed out new leaves during its growing season, this could be an indicator the light is too low.

Water: All Hoyas are sensitive to over watering, be sure to let the plant dry out between waterings. Treat like a succulent and water approximately 2-4 weeks (depending on which season it is). Chunky soil and a draining pot are ideal for these epiphytes.

Pets: Non toxic to pets.

WHY WE LOVE IT ! Hoyas can be considered a tropical succulent! Once you find the right combination of light and watering schedule it will be happy to stay in that spot it has grown accustomed to.

Fun Fact: There are over 500 Hoya species around the world. Each continent has native Hoyas except for Antartica.

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