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Updated: Mar 9

Annuals are a tender plant whose life cycle is complete within one season. They tend to have more vibrant colors when compared to perennials and can really make a statement in your landscape, front entrance or balcony garden.

Planting annuals can be a very exciting time however with the risk of frost until mid to late May, it is better safe than sorry when working with these plants. The timing must be just right in order to guarantee success.

There’s no denying that our gardening season is short which is why I think Calgarians are so passionate about their plants. People are eager to get going as soon as the weather warms up and the snow melts. What if you plant too soon you might ask? A single evening with a killing frost can quickly put all your hard work and money spent down the drain.

Spring arrangements are a great way to bridge the gap between winter and summer planting. Heck, by the time annuals go in it is almost technically summer anyways.

We create our Spring arrangements using hardy greens that can withstand temperature change, (such as boxwood + eucalyptus) florals intended to dry nicely and a mixture of faux botanicals that can be reused year after year. These arrangements won’t stay green forever (unless choosing 100% faux materials) however they are a welcome sight for sore winter eyes and can brighten just about anyone’s day. You can expect a Spring arrangement to last anywhere from 4-6 weeks depending on your exposure.

It is my belief that no container should sit empty. Where there is an empty container there is opportunity! Let the Spring arranging begin.


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