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Shingle Vine

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Plant family: Araceae

Botanical name: Rhaphidophora Korthalsi

Common names: Shingle Vine or Shingle plant.

Notable varieties: Rhaphidophora Cryptantha

The Shingle Vine gets its name from the pattern the leaves create as they grow. They grow in a compact, and slightly overlapping strand. (It resembles roof shingles). In its natural tropical habitat you

Shinle Vine

can find these climbing trees, or even on walls of houses in urban settings. The Shingle Vine can grow up to 8 feet indoors, as long as you give it something to climb up on.

Care: Medium! These plants are native to tropical climates, and will require a warm room with high humidity. They also need something to grow vertical on, such as a grow board or a moss pole.

Light: These plants do best in medium to bright, indirect light.

Water: The Shingle Vine requires a moist, but not soggy soil. They are prone to root rot, so we suggest a chunky and well draining soil. During the fall and winter check on the soil once a week, during spring and summer check on soil moisture twice a week. These plants are also humid loving plants, we suggest the use of a humidifier, or misting them daily.

Pets: Toxic to dogs and cats.

WHY WE LOVE IT ! The growing pattern is unlike any other plant. Even though many plants like the support of a moss pole, the Shingle Vine requires something to grow on.

Fun Fact: The leaves will not mature unless it has a vertical growing medium such as a moss pole, or growing board. In the absence of something to vine upon, the leaves will look leggy and small.

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