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Floraworx is an independently owned and operated “boutique” garden &  indoor plant shop located in the heart of NW Calgary. Our ambition is to share our passion for all things green and provide our local customers with a unique variety of plants, greens and garden wares. 

We specialize in custom created arrangements available Spring through Winter.  Let us help you embrace each season with a professionally designed container arrangement or the tools, advice and inspiration to create your own!

We are located in a hidden cozy corner of Bowness - NW Calgary


My love for plants and my ambition for creating is what lead to the concept of FLORAWORX. 


I have been gardening professionally for over 12 years now and found that as my business grew, so had my inspirations. I started playing with greenery in containers, wall art and other means of exploring my creative process outside of the physical garden.

My specialty is creating custom container arrangements and preserved greens artworks. With that I am hoping to bring a piece of nature inside the home or create an inviting space for a front entrance - season round. 

I work alongside an intimate team of like minded creatives who take pride in knowing their work is enjoyed by those who appreciate handcrafted quality and a personal touch.  

-- Kari B

   Calgary, AB


I have loved plants and flowers for as long as I can remember.

That love lead me to working in a floral department and then a greenhouse where I spent 6 seasons working on custom plantings, hanging baskets and plant care. Not only do I love working with plants and flowers but I have a keen interest in expanding my knowledge about design and botany.


I am always on the hunt for unique varieties to try in the shop and figuring out how we can grow them in our not - so - forgiving climate. 

I love connecting with the people who come into the shop whether that's through a shared love of plants, an appreciation of locally made goods, helping them find that perfect gift or just through a good conversation.


I hope to see you in the shop soon!

-- Kendra C

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