My love for plants and my ambition for creating is what lead to the concept of FLORAWORX. 


I have been gardening professionally for over 10 years now and found that as my business grew, so had my inspirations. I started playing with greenery in containers, wall art and other means of exploring my creative process outside of the physical garden.


I work alongside an intimate team of like minded creatives who take pride in knowing their work is enjoyed by those who appreciate handcrafted quality and a personal touch.  By creating custom container arrangements and greenery wall art, we are able to bring a piece of nature inside the home or create an inviting space for a front entrance - season round. 

Samples of our work and available products are easily accessible via the online store or on instagram


Feel free to explore our work in the garden as well - www.bedworx.ca 

Check back seasonally for unique plant findings or join our mailing list to stay updated. We will be bringing in a selection of annuals and perennials that are uncommon and not necessarily found at your average garden centre.  

-- Kari Baker

   Calgary, AB

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Current Store Hours: 

TUES 12-4

WEDS 12-4

THU 11-6

FRI 10-6

SAT 10-5 


Curbside Pickup Also Available

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